What You Can Do

Economic development and the modernization of societies can bring both positive and negative changes. It’s positive, because individuals are given access to conveniences that were not available in the past. New products, consumer electronics, cars and new buildings help create a more convenient and comfortable world. Unfortunately, these can also have an impact on and exhaust the environment. If these developments and changes are left unchecked, then it can damage the environment, and rob future generations of their chance to enjoy these resources. So, what you can do is to protect the environment, focus on renewable energy and ensure that everything is done in moderation.

Here are some steps that you can consider if you want to protect and preserve this planet.

Choose Renewable Energy, Save the Planet

One of the problems confronting this planet today is air pollution. And based on the survey conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost half of the air pollution produced in the U.S. comes from automobiles, fossil fuels to be exact. Aside from the polluted gases produced by exhaust pipes, these cars can also contain toxic fluids that can affect the environment.

What you can do as a responsible citizen is to look for ways to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. For example, instead of patronizing the traditional fossil fuels, you can focus on renewable energy. Business owners and companies can invest in renewable energy as an alternative energy source. Two of the more popular renewable energy sources include wind and solar energy. Now, if driving your car is important and you cannot live without your vehicle, then what you can do is to drive less. You can name one or two days every week as ‘car-free day’, and help reduce the amount of emissions on the road.

Eat Less and Protect the Environment

Aside from investing in renewable energy, you can also eat less to help the environment. If you cannot control your consumption, particularly the consumption of processed and packaged goods, then you will be responsible for putting deleterious pressure on the environment. These products are materials-intensive, and require resources sourced from Nature. What you can do is to eat less meat, and choose fruits and vegetables. If possible, you should always buy sustainable and organic produce.

Eating less and focusing on renewable energy are two critical steps that can be taken to protect this planet. It’s never too late to act. Get involved and start raising awareness about renewable energy and sustainable foods.