Renewable Energy

One of the best ways to protect the environment and secure it for the next generation is through an investment in renewable energy. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, experts regard renewable energy resources as clean, sustainable and cheap, which can help not just the present generation, but also the future residents of this planet.

But what is renewable energy, and why do we need to save our planet?

Renewable Energy, Explained

If we need to save our planet, then we should appreciate the potential of alternative energy sources. Renewable or alternative energy sources are drawn from the environment, like geothermal heat, wind, sunlight, rain and tides. These are naturally replenished and will not be exhausted, making these the perfect energy resources if we want to preserve the environment.

There are different technologies that are anchored to these resources, such as wind power, hydroelectricity and solar power. While these types of alternative energy resources are readily available and can be easily replenished, the world is not yet relying heavily on these green technologies. According to one estimate, green technology’s share in producing the total energy supply is roughly 13.2 percent (2012), but it is expected that this figure can grow to 26 percent by 2020. In short, the share is low and there’s still room for renewable energy to grow. We need to save our planet now, and increase our dependence on this type of energy.

Why Should We Depend on Renewable Sources?

The biggest advantage of these energy sources is that they are cheap. There’s no risk of depleting the resources, compared to fossil fuels. These energy resources, from geothermal to solar energy, are renewable and are readily available. These energy sources are also generally cheaper when compared with fossil fuels that require sophisticated equipment and tools, on top of the cost of exploration and digging.

Also, this type of energy is clean compared to the use of fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are used for electricity generation and for other industrial purposes, they can produce toxic gases that can worsen the already existing pollution problem. The use of renewable energy sources will also need less maintenance and attention when compared to commercial generators.

And finally, the use of renewable sources can help improve health standards and protect the environment. The use of renewable sources will not produce toxic fumes and particulates that may compromise the health of individuals. Renewable sources are safe, clean and readily available, and are the perfect solutions in our quest to save the planet.