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Public promotion of the core rights of association held by your sponsorship is just the start of a successful environmental sponsorship strategy.

If sports sponsorship is traditionally more about mass awareness through branded media output, environmental sponsorship is about being able to engage stakeholders with stimulating content and key messages relevant to specific business objectives.

Securing optimum brand benefit and, ultimately, shareholder value from your sponsorship asset involves going beyond a reliance on media exposure.  It requires creative and effective ‘activation’ of the asset by implementing a strategic programme of experiences, events and communications with your prioritised stakeholders. It is this approach which will change perceptions, attitudes and responses to your brand or company.

Activation can deliver activities which build deeper and more meaningful relationships with your targeted stakeholders – employees, customers/clients, investors, suppliers, government and local community.

Choose from a range of options including internal incentive and team-building schemes for the workforce, on-location ‘seeing-is-believing’ tours for key clients, official commemorative books to gift to priority investors, and even motivational talks and hospitality events with world-class scientists and explorers.

And by demonstrating your commitment to your stakeholders, the environment and wider society, you can strengthen the foundations and increase the future success of your business.

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