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In recognition of the role young people play in bringing about global change, Geo Mission developed the educational web resource Arctic Survey Education. This resource promotes awareness and understanding of our relationship with the natural world, and aims to inspire young people and their families with new facts and insights.

It was created on behalf of a number of founder members that included leading insurers and law firms, and involved working closely with Business in the Community’s Mayday Network, Millennium Mathematics Project, the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, the University of Cambridge’s Polar Ocean Physics Group and WWF.

Arctic Survey Education is an independent, free-to-use resource based on the Catlin Arctic Survey, the story of the expedition, the challenges the team faced and the research they carried out. The wide variety of learning resources is aimed at pupils, teachers, families and schools.

It is an example of how Geo Mission client programmes can be extended to align with an organisation’s business and communications objectives in the areas of environmental stewardship, community investment, charitable donations, corporate reputation and/or philanthropy.

Arctic Survey Education has also been recognised by educational and communication consultants working on behalf of a European Commission’s Directorate as a shining example of best practice in learning resources.

More information on the resources available can be found at the dedicated website, or read the more detailed case study here.

Geo Mission’s education programme will continue to evolve, and further rich learning resources will be developed based on Catlin Arctic Survey and other Geo Mission client programmes. In this way we will continue to bring new, sponsored, free–to-use resources to add breadth and depth to the range already available.

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