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Current Projects


Catlin Arctic Survey, delivered by Geo Mission, is committed to researching the changing Arctic environment, and how the effects of climate change there might act as an early indicator for changes around the rest of the globe.

2011 marked the third Catlin Arctic Survey. The 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey focused on ocean acidification, a phenomenon threatening microscopic creatures that form the basis of the marine food web. The 2009 Catlin Arctic Survey sought to answer an important environmental question: how long will the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover remain a year-round surface feature of our planet?

In 2011, scientists and explorers were researching how increasing amounts of fresh water entering the Arctic Ocean may impact thermohaline circulation – a global ocean circulation system that affects climate and weather patterns worldwide.

Four explorers braved bitter conditions to take crucial measurements for a programme devised by our principal research partner, Dr Simon Boxall of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

While at a unique ‘Ice Base’, scientists from the US, UK and Canada undertook field research with the support of experienced polar explorers and guides.

2012 will see the culmination of the scientific work carried out by the Catlin Arctic Survey, with 8 scientific papers expected to be published later in the year, as a result of data collected at both the Ice Base and by the Explorer Team. The papers cover a wide spectrum of biological and chemical research, much of which will provide critical data on the health of the Arctic Ocean.

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