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CNN Documentary

CNN Documentary

Philippe Cousteau fronted a CNN documentary about Geo Mission’s Catlin Ice Base that premiered on Saturday 16th July on CNN International.

Philippe Cousteau (grandson of the renowned marine explorer Jacques Cousteau) travelled to the Canadian High Arctic to interview scientists on the Catlin Arctic Survey about their eight-week expedition to research changing ocean conditions below the ice.

Producer Matt Vigil, cameraman Darren Bull and Philippe were ‘embedded’ at the Ice Base  over a 2 week period.  The documentary provides insights into how such a remote research base operates: Philippe learns about the nutritional needs of a demanding expedition from chef Fran Orio, speaks with camp manager Simon Garrod about polar bear protection and helps to chisel through the ice for hours to make a sampling hole with scientist Dr Helen Findlay.

Polar explorer and Survey founder Pen Hadow said: “Filming in temperatures as low as -45ºC is just as hard as collecting data from the ice. It was a pleasure to host CNN at the Catlin Ice Base and enable the stories of hard-fought scientific endeavor to be told by someone with a such passion for our environment.”

The programme will be aired again this coming weekend (30th/31st July).  A short trailer and viewing times can be found here



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