We Need to Save Our Planet

Climate change and its impact on the environment are no longer just reserved for academic discussions. It has become a reality, with its impact felt by the environment, and the different species that thrive on this planet. As temperature increases, warming the planet, life forms can be compromised. According to experts, the temperature has risen by an average of 1.3 degrees F, and if the expert projections continue, it is expected that the average increase will range from 5 to 10 degrees F. Today, climate change is causing problems not just for people but also for the animals on the planet. Extreme weather conditions from storms to drought have caused millions if not billions of dollars in damages to the economy. 

But more than the effects on humanity and the economy, the effects of climate change can also be felt by wildlife, and the environment they inhabit. These are the reasons why humanity needs to take action, save the planet, and stop hunting animals. Many things can be done in very different ways. Just raising awareness through different medias will help things a lot. If there was casinos with no deposit bonus for people donating to green peace for example. This is something that could be done in basically any type of media where they offer people a gift of some sort for showing support to saving the planet.

Climate Change Affects Wildlife

One of the effects of climate change is the warming of the planet, which in turn helps cause the ice to melt. The first casualties of this warming and melting of ice in the Arctic are the polar bears and similar creatures. These animals rely on the ice to sustain their lives. But it is not just in the Arctic that the effects of climate change can be felt. Extreme temperatures that result in drought can also impact wildlife in different parts of the world. Due to changes in rain patterns (or even the absence of rain altogether), many regions in the world are now seeing a changed landscape. Areas that were once known for greens, grasses and flowers, have become dry. This also means that the animals that rely on the vegetation have suffered, and this is also contributing to their demise.

As well, the animals that live in the oceans and the forests are also compromised, turning various species towards the risk of extinction. Different types of habitats are expected to suffer, and many animals will be wiped out because of climate change. As a clear and present danger, it’s important for everyone to be informed and take action.

Save the Planet, Stop Hunting Animals

Climate change cannot be addressed overnight, and it requires a multi-pronged approach. One way is to stop hunting animals to help preserve their species, and keep the balance of nature. Aside from thinking about the economic impact of climate change, it is equally important to think about the welfare of animals, and make sure that everyone should stop hunting them, whenever possible.